You Choose



Screen Printing

Unlimited Colours

Don’t limit your designs by colours…. use them all!


5-6 day turn around

High Wash Resistance

Up to 60 degree wash fastness

Our screen printing service gives both large and small scale garment decoration options. You choose makes it quick, easy, and cost-effective ways to deliver the unique, high quality, decorated apparel for our customers.

If you’re looking for the finest screen printing services, look no further than You Choose. We’ve spent years at the forefront of the Irish garment decoration industry, and during that time we’ve worked with a blend of the most established brands and most ambitious start-ups in Ireland.

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Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners with Display are used anywhere you would like to display large format freestanding graphics. They are most often used where portability is a key consideration, such as at trade shows, seminars, and presentations. Retractable Banners with Display are also a good idea if you would like to move them around within your business environment. Consider using them for storefront displays to showcase a new product or special. Our Banners exhibit a wide color gamut, so they are great for colorful graphics. Banner Display stands are designed so that the Banner retracts into the base and can be changed.

This 33″ wide banner display stand is lightweight and portable. Features include a telescopic pole that allows adjustable banner height between 64″ and 80″. When not in use, your Banner is stored inside the anodized aluminum casing which fits easily into the travel bag (included).

Retractable Banners