Pixlip POP backlit


First backlit alternative to retractable pop ups.


First Mobile Backlit Alternative to the Classic Roll-Up

  • Ease of graphic change.
  • Illumination effect.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Lightweight construction.

Pixlip POP is the first mobile backlit alternative to the classic roll-up and conventional banner display. The efficient integrated LED backlighting grabs the attention making it ideal for POS across exhibitions, events and much more.

With Pixlip POP you get maximum attention!

When compared to conventional roll-ups, sales of the Pixlip Pop have shown to increase exponentially thanks to the ease of graphic change, illumination effect, simple assembly and lightweight construction which makes it easy to transport. With the average life expectancy of a Pixlip POP illuminated frame being 10 years, you can keep providing your customer with replacement prints throughout this time.

Thanks to the simple plug-in system and the lightweight thin aluminium construction, all components can be assembled without tools. Disassembled into individual parts PIXLIP POP weights only 5kg, making it easy to store and transport.

PIXLIP POP backlighting is not provided by LED modules installed on the side, but by narrow LED strips which enables a particularly narrow frame depth of only 75mm! When rolled up, the flexible LED panel can be packed into a practical carrying bag to save space.

The individually designed textile prints make every Pixlip POP advertising banner a unique eyecatcher. Unlike roll-up banners, the printed textile can be exchanged, reused or replaced at any time.

Size Lifespan Weight
850 x 2000 x 75mm 10 years 5